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Shift for Teams pricing and subscriptions

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This article walks through pricing, purchasing, renewal date, and subscription management for Shift for Teams. Continue reading for details about each, below! 👇


Shift for Teams pricing

Standard Shift for Teams pricing is $149 USD per user per year. Check out the feature breakdown here.


If you're considering Shift for your team, our Customer Success team would love to hear from you! Get in touch here.


How to create a new team and purchase additional licenses

To start a new team, simply follow our quick step-by-step instructions here.


Head to the online portal to purchase additional licenses and add more members to your team. 


Annual renewal date & purchasing throughout the year

A Shift for Teams subscription shares a single annual renewal date. The annual renewal date is based on when the Admin first purchased their own subscription. The renewal date cannot be changed.


Any additional licenses purchased after the renewal date (throughout the year) will be a prorated amount based on the time remaining until the next annual renewal date. For example, if the Admin wants to add additional team members 3 months after starting their own subscription, the newly added licenses will be billed only for the days remaining between today's purchase date and the original purchase date (the Team's annual renewal date).

For example: the Team Admin purchased a license for themselves on March 1st. On June 1st of the same year, the Admin purchases 1 additional license. The amount charged on June1st will be: ($the price for an additional team member)/365 x 273, the number of days between June 1st and March 1st of the following year)


On the renewal date, March 1st of the following year, the renewal amount will be the price per member x the number of members

Subscription cancellation or reducing the number of licenses in the middle of the subscription term will depend on the renewal date. If the cancellation or reduction request date is far away from the renewal date, the amount will be adjusted to make up for the reduced number of licenses.


Subscription management & how to change the number of licenses before renewal

If you'd like to adjust the number of licenses before your Team's next annual renewal date:

  1. Sign in to the online portal and remove any members who won't be using Shift going forward
  2. Reach out to our support team, indicating the number of licenses you want to renew 


What's next?

Check out our "Shift for Teams" Use Case section for real examples of how Teams users are getting the most out of Shift.


Learn more about Shift for Teams here.

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