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Shift 2.6 - Released 2018-02-02

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Happy February! Shift 2.6 was released today, and we have some exciting new updates and bug fixes to announce.


Bug Fixes


Resolved: Clicking the button to view an email thread in a new window does nothing.

  • Users can now open a unique Shift window for email threads by clicking on the “In New Window” button on the top right corner of their chosen email thread.


Resolved: The PDF viewer extension does not have an icon in the extensions tab at the top of the page.


Resolved: Reloading Shift through the App menu does not work.

  • Users can now reload Shift by clicking on View > Reload App.


Resolved: Shift crashes after trying to open a PDF file from a Microsoft 365 account and Outlook.

  • When using a Microsoft 365 account, Shift will now open a PDF file without crashing.


Resolved: Moving between accounts in compact view using keyboard shortcuts causes account avatars to shift left.

  • By using keyboard shortcuts in compact view, users will no longer see any images move.


Resolved: Slack does not update unread messages when in hibernation mode.

  • Unread badges do not update when Slack is in hibernation mode.


Resolved: Google AdService does not allow users to login to Shift.

  • Users will now be logged into Google AdSense after prompting the login through Shift.


Resolved: When hovering over an App history item, the URL is not visible.

  • The URL will now pop up in the bottom left corner of the Shift window when hovering over an item.


Resolved: Enabling two-factor authentication disallows users to log in to the LastPass.

  • Logging into LastPass with two-factor authentication is now possible.


Resolved: When viewing an App history tab, the tab will disappear when the mouse is moved off it.

  • A pin icon has been created to allow users to pin the App history page if they wish to keep it open while performing other activities within Shift.


Resolved: When switching back and forth between tabs in Settings, the scroll position will remain the same as it was last left.

  • The scroll position will be reset when users leave the tab.


Feature Updates


Shift has added support for the Mailtrack extension for Gmail!

  • Support for the Mailtrack extension is now available on all Advanced Accounts. Advanced users can now track their emails and receive read notifications. To enable, go to Settings > Extensions and click the toggle button.


Shift has added support for the Todoist extension!

  • Support for the Todoist extension is now available on all Advanced Accounts. Advanced users can now manage their tasks and projects more productively with Todoist!. To enable, go to Settings > Extensions and click the toggle button.


Support for 8 additional SaaS apps have been added to Shift!

 All Advanced users will now have PDF viewer automatically enabled for them.

  • This feature provides Advanced users have immediate access to PDF viewing and printing, and increase their productivity when using Shift.


The right-click menu in Apps view has been enhanced to offer more functionality.

  • When using their Applications, Advanced users will now have more options under their right-click menu including but not limited to Copy Page URL, Undo, Redo, Select All, and Print Page.


The creation of a new download landing page on that allows users to download Shift for their specific operating system.


Automatic emails will be sent to potential teams users when a new user from a custom domain downloads Shift. This gives teams the opportunity to receive discounts and/or free Shift more easily.


The creation of a new Apps & Extensions page on Here prospective users and Shift bosses alike can browse our list of Apps & Extensions to learn more about our integrations.


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