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Shift 3.1.3 - Released 2018-10-26

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The latest version of Shift is out and we’ve packed quite the punch with this one. 


36 New apps added to Shift

We've been hard at work here at Shift. Check out all the newcomers:











Khan Academy


New York Times










The Economist

The Verge

The Wall Street Journal





Washington Post







Updates to extensions in Shift
The following extensions have been updated in Shift. To enable extensions on our Advanced mode go to Settings Extensions and toggle on your extension(s) of choice. 

Dropbox for Gmail
Hubspot Sales
PDF Viewer
Todoist for Gmail
Zoom Scheduler


Gmail Hub added to the Shift Blog
Have a burning question about Gmail? Check out the Shift Gmail Hub for tips and tricks to getting the most out of Gmail. 


Support added for custom URL apps
We committed to helping you get the most out of Shift, so we’ve added support for custom domain apps such as Jira and Salesforce. To add a custom domain app head over to Settings, select the app you wish to add and sign in with your custom URL. 


Refer your friends to Shift using Linkedin, WhatsApp, and Messenger
Love Shift? Shout it from the rooftops and spread the word any way you can, whether that’s through Email, Facebook, Twitter or our newest additions WhatsApp, Linkedin, and Facebook Messenger.  


Introducing Shift Reviews
See what your fellow Shift Bosses are saying about Shift and check out our new Reviews page:



Resolved: Shift keeps the .download extension
After downloading a file in app, Shift will keep the .download extension. This has been resolved to ensure that the .download extension is removed after the file is downloaded.


Resolved: Incorrect unread badge for Slack
Now, you’ll be able to know when you have unread messages in Slack and reply to them at your convenience.


Resolved: Shift does not log user theme settings
Whether you’ve opted for the lighter side things, or chosen to go dark, Shift will now remember your theme settings even after you quit and reopen Shift. 


Resolved: Blinking cursor disappears over input fields in Shift
When typing in input fields inside Shift, the blinking cursor disappears. This has been resolved to ensure that this no longer occurs.  


Resolved: Outlook reload issue
When composing emails in Outlook, Shift will reload the interface causing the email to be lost. This bug has been fixed to ensure that Outlook does not reload in this way.   


Resolved: Outlook account appears as undefined if typo is made during the onboarding flow
If a customer makes an error typing in their Outlook email during the onboarding flow of Shift, Shift will register the email as “undefined.” This has been resolved to ensure that Shift will register the Outlook account regardless of typos.


Resolved: Zoom superimposes text in meeting invite
As seen below, Zoom overlays text in a meeting invite in Shift. This has been resolved to prevent this from occurring in Shift. 


Resolved: Incorrect mailbox selection during setup causes Shift to become unresponsive
Choosing the wrong type of mailbox during the Shift set up process will force an error in Shift and cause the app to become unresponsive. Now, if a mistake is made during the primary account set up process, the customer may go back and correct the error. 


Resolved: Collabspot extension updated
The Collabspot extension in Shift has been updated to the latest version: 2018.9.10.914.



Resolved: Creating new Google Docs in Shift always opens a browser window
Regardless of whether the “Open Google Docs in Chrome” setting is enabled, creating new Google Docs in Shift causes a browser window to open. This has been resolved to ensure that Shift behaves according to the settings specified by the user. 


Resolved: Expanding Outlook compose window opens a new browser tab
Resolved to ensure that expanding the Outlook compose window behaves as expected instead of opening a browser window. 


Resolved: Ads in Outlook are not blocked
We’re committed to providing a streamlined, beautiful user experience in Shift. That’s why we have blocked all Outlook ads from appearing in the Shift interface. 


Resolved: Adding Google Inbox account redirects to Microsoft login
When adding a Google Inbox account, the page will no longer redirect to the Microsoft login screen. 


Resolved: Outlook compose button error
This has been resolved to allow customers to create emails via the Outlook compose button. 


Resolved: Office 365 repeatedly logs out without warning 
Resolved to ensure that Office 365 accounts remain logged in inside Shift.


Resolved: Spotify stops playing music
We automatically set all apps to auto-hibernate in order to save the processing power of your computer. However, when Spotify is connected to Shift and set to auto-hibernate, the app will stop playing music when Spotify is forced into hibernation mode. This has been corrected to ensure that Spotify keeps playing after the app is hibernated.


Resolved: “Enable playback of protected content" Spotify error
Resolved to allow Shift users to access Spotify as intended. 


Resolved: Selecting “Login with Google” in Hubspot causes Shift to crash
Resolved to ensure that Shift no longer crashes when the “Login with Google” option is chosen in Hubspot. 


Resolved: Hubspot logs user out     
After quitting and reopening Shift, users are asked to re-login to Hubspot. 


Resolved: Hubspot login interface issues
The smaller login window remains open after clicking on the extensions tab. 


Resolved: Office 365 pop-out opens in browser
When opening a new email in Office 365 in a pop-out window, the email opens in the browser instead of a new Shift window. 




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