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Shift 2.2 - Released 2017-11-30

  • Updated
Bug Fixes


Resolved: Notification bug.

  • Mac users were receiving double email notifications and Windows 10 users were receiving notifications for accounts that had “Show Notifications” disabled.


Resolved: PDF print bug.

  • When attempting to print PDF files from Shift, users received an Error 403 (Forbidden). This has been fixed so that, when clicked, PDF files will open in a print window within Shift.    


Resolved: “Show Original" option in Gmail fails.

  • When selecting the “Show Original” option in Gmail, users will receive an error pop-up asking the users to disable their ad blocker.


Resolved: Links in Google Calendar events were not able to be clicked.

  • The links in events inside Google Calendar were not able to be clicked in Shift. This bug has been fixed to allow Google Calendar links to be clickable.


Resolved: Logging into Grammarly using Google Authentication or Facebook Authentication fails in Shift.

  • Signing in with Google Authentication and Facebook Authentication failed when signing into Grammarly. This has been resolved to allow users to sign into Grammarly using both options.


Resolved: Unable to print PDF files from Google Inbox accounts.

  • This bug has been resolved to allow users to print PDF files directly from their Google Inbox account in Shift.


Resolved: After being awakened from Hibernation Mode, apps would not reload to the last active page.  

  • This bug has been fixed so that when reloading a Hibernated App window, the window will load to the last active screen.


Feature Updates


Gmail Labs “Canned Responses” is now available in Shift.

  • Users can now use the “Canned Response” feature in Gmail Labs right inside the Shift window.


Support for 10 additional SaaS apps added to Shift.

These applications are available to all Advanced accounts.


Support for an additional 26 languages has been added to the Spell Check feature in Shift.

  • To customize your Spell Check option please go to Settings > General, locate the Spell Check option and select your preferred language.  


Notification badges have been added for Asana and Trello.

  • Now users can manage and receive automatic updates from Asana and Trello right inside Shift.


Support has been added for the Slack call and video conferencing feature in Shift.

  • Users may now use the Slack video conferencing feature in Shift.


Unread message notification badge is available for Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp in Shift.

  • Now users can manage their Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp unread messages inside Shift.


A “Reload” button has been added to the Shift interface.

  • Now users have the option of reloading an app window with either the Cmd/Ctrl + R command or by selecting the reload button located at the top left corner of their screen.


Support for the Zoom and Dropbox for Gmail extension has been added to Shift.

  • The Zoom and Dropbox for Gmail extensions are now available to all Advanced accounts. To enable, go to Settings > Extensions and click the toggle option. It will go from grey to blue when it has been enabled.


Support has been added for Google Hangouts as an app in Shift.

  • Google Hangouts is now accessible both as an app and under Google Services in Shift. To add Hangouts as an app, click the square “Add Apps” button on the left-hand menu and select the Hangouts app.



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