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How to remove and replace a team member

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Need to remove and replace a member of your Shift Team? The Team Admin can simply use the online team dashboard to do that! Continue reading for our step-by-step instructions. šŸ§ 

  1. Go to the online account portal and sign in using your Primary Shift Account
  2. Click on Teams in the left side panel
  3. Click the trashcan symbol next to the member you want to remove
  4. Once deleted, their account will be downgraded to Shift Basic (free) 
  5. Type in the email of the member you'd like to give access to
  6. Ensure your newly added team member follows these instructions

NOTE: Deleting a team member from your team account simply unassigns that license from a member, freeing up a license on your team's subscription. If you wish to reduce the number of licenses before your annual subscription renews, please reach out to Support by submitting a ticket.

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