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Shift 2.4.1 - Released 2017-12-21

  • Updated

Bug Fixes


Resolved: Using the Canned Responses feature in Gmail Labs causes Shift to freeze.

  • Prior to the release of 2.4, Shift would freeze when users attempted to use the “Canned Actions” feature in Gmail Labs. This bug has been resolved to allow users to use the “Canned Actions” feature as intended.


Resolved: Users receive a notification alert noise even if it is disabled in Shift.

  • Shift continues to deliver a notification alert noise, even when “Play notification sound” is turned off. This bug has been solved to ensure that turning off the sound option for notifications ensures alerts are delivered silently.


Resolved: Clicking the “Schedule a Meeting” button in Zoom in Shift fails.

  • This bug has been resolved to ensure that when clicked, the “Schedule a Meeting” button opens the Zoom Scheduling Options window.  


Resolved: Users are unable to print PDF files in Shift.

  • This bug has been fixed to allow users to print PDF files directly from within Shift.


Resolved: Selecting the quit option in the “Add Apps” pop-up window fails to exit the window.

  • When adding apps in Shift, users were unable to exit the “Add-Apps” pop-up window. This bug has been fixed so that clicking the “Continue” option dismisses the window.


Resolved: Pressing escape on the “Take a Tour” in-app message does not exit the window.

  • Users were unable to exit the in-app “Take a Tour” message. This bug has been fixed with the release of Shift 2.4 to allow users to exit the message by clicking the “X” button or selecting escape.


Resolved: On Mac, the traffic light buttons to close/minimize/ full screen are not accessible on the ‘Add Account’ page.

  • This bug has been fixed to allow Mac users the option to close/ minimize/ and select full screen while on the ‘Add Account’ page.  


Resolved: The app unread badge covers the app icon when in Compact Mode.

  • The unread app badge now minimizes to the same degree as the accounts in Compact Mode, revealing more of the app icon.  


Feature Updates


Shift has added support for the Hubspot Sales extension!

  • Support for the Hubspot Sales extension is now available on all Advanced accounts. To enable, go to Settings > Extensions and toggle the extension on. It will go from grey to blue when it has been enabled.


The Sidebar Menu is now accessible in Compact Mode.

  • Users now have the option of viewing their Sidebar Menu in a compacted mode. This mode compresses the accounts housed there to a smaller size for greater accessibility. To enable this option, right-click anywhere on the Sidebar Menu and select “Compact Sidebar.”

Manage your apps more productively with the new Apps History feature in Shift.

  • Users can now search across their App History in Shift. Locate your starred items, find those most recently viewed, or search for your most popular items for each App, plus we’ve added a Home button to easily navigate back to the start. To access, simply open an App and click the clock icon in the upper right corner, or use the Command/Control + Y shortcut.


Search for your favourite Apps in Shift with the new Apps Directory.

  • Not sure if Shift supports a certain App? Search for it using the input box on the left side of the “Add Apps” window in Settings. Search by category or App name to find all your go-to apps in seconds.



Support for 11 additional SaaS applications has been added to Shift.

The following 11 SaaS applications have been added to all Shift Advanced accounts. To enable, please go to Settings > Add Apps > and select the App you wish to add, sign in to your account to access it with Shift!


Shift Ambassador Program is live!

  • We want to reward you for sharing Shift with your friends and family. Sign up for the Ambassador Program, spread the word, and receive 20% of every sale. Learn more about becoming a Shift Ambassador in our blog, or sign up here to get started.

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