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Shift 2.3.1 - Released 2017-12-08

  • Updated

Bug Fixes


Resolved: Any changes made to Settings immediately prior to quitting the app would not be saved.

  • Resolved to ensure that all preferences changes made to Shift are saved immediately. All Settings preferences saved prior to quitting Shift will now register in the app.   


Resolved: Additional icons would appear in the overhead tray after reloading Shift on Mac operating systems.

  • This bug has been resolved to prevent unnecessary tray icons from being added after reloading Shift.


Resolved: Google Hangouts notification badge failed to update with new notifications.  

  • This bug has been fixed to ensure all Google Hangouts notifications appear on the app notification badge in Shift.


Resolved: After being enabled, the Dropbox extension would not appear in the Extensions drop-down option in the main taskbar.

  • The Dropbox extension icon is now visible and accessible in the drop-down Extensions option in the main taskbar. Clicking the Dropbox extension icon will allow users to sign in and access their account inside Shift.


Resolved: Closing the Shift app on Mac would quit the application altogether.

  • This has been resolved to ensure that exiting the Shift app does not quit the application, but instead closes the window.  


Resolved: Upon resetting the application data in Shift, any previously set “unread mode” email preferences would not be saved.

  • This has been changed to ensure that all “unread mode” email preferences are saved and register after resetting the application data.


Resolved: Shift would fail to connect to the proxy option when enabled.

  • As this option is used very seldom by users and has since been removed from the Shift interface to eliminate any confusion.


Feature Updates


Ability to turn on and off Spell Check in Shift.

  • Users are now given the ability to enable or disable the Spell Check feature in Shift. This feature is accessible via Settings > General. Scroll to the Spell Check option and select the toggle button to turn Spell Check on or off.


Shift now supports the Mixmax extension.

  • Support for the Mixmax extension is now available on all Advanced accounts. To enable, go to Settings > Extensions and click the toggle. It will go from grey to blue when enabled.


A new loading spinner shows the loading process of a tab.

  • A loading spinner has been added to show the loading process of an App window coming out of Hibernation Mode.


Support for eight additional SaaS applications has been added to Shift.


Shift now supports the eight following SaaS applications. These applications are available to all Advanced accounts.



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