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Shift 1.1- Released 2017-12-27

  • Updated

Shift V1.1 is Here!

Feature Updates

  • View calendar links and updates in the application.

    • Clicking Calendar links will automatically redirect users to the account’s corresponding Calendar application within Shift.

  • Side bar scroll feature allows users to scroll through and access their multiple email accounts in Shift.

  • Update credit card information in the application to ensure proper payment charges are applied to the user’s account.

  • Additional right-click menu options for email addresses.

    • Right clicking on email addresses within Shift now includes options to copy the address or compose a new message with the same address inserted in the “To” field.

  • Added feature to turn off auto-renew.

  • Ability for user to reset their application data and re-select their Primary Shift Account.

  • Multi-lingual support in over 42 languages.

  • Option to disable smooth scrolling in Shift.

    • Smooth scrolling allows users to scroll through pages in a fluid fashion. When smooth scrolling is disabled the screen will jump down one segment at a time.

  • Show addresses when hovering over links in Shift.

  • Easy option to delete accounts.

    • Delete option located in Settings under Accounts.

  • Shift automatically launches when computer starts up or reboots.


Bug Fixes

  • Resolved: Bug displaying all previous unread email counts for Outlook accounts.

    • Altered so that Shift alerts users of unread emails that are received in the last 24 hours.

  • Resolved: The unread email count marker now matches the account colour in Outlook and Office 365 accounts.

  • Resolved: Error processing credit card information when upgrading to Pro.

  • Resolved: Failure to sync customer settings and preferences across all devices.

  • Resolved: Bug preventing users from navigating to other accounts after deleting an account.

  • Resolved: Bug where drop-downs in mail accounts would automatically dismiss.

    • Corrected to ensure drop-downs remain open when clicked.

  • Resolved: Chrome version no longer supported notification located at the top of the screen in Shift.


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