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Shift 3.5 - Released 2020-04-05

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Feature Updates

82 New Apps Now Available in Shift

We’re thrilled to announce the addition fo 82 new apps to Shift. You can browse the list below, or check out our full list here. 

Real Office 360
Facebook Pages
MS OneNote
Office 365 Calendar
Office 365 People
Office 365 Tasks
Outlook Calendar
Outlook People
Outlook Tasks
Redtail CRM
Focus at Will
Lattice App
Blackboard App
Apple Mail
Apple Calendar
iCloud Drive
Apple Contacts
Apple Photos
Apple Notes
Down Dog
Transfer Wise
App Store Connect
iOS Developer Console
Google Search Console
Google Data Studio
Facebook Workplace
Facebook Workplace Chat
Google Meet
Google Hangouts Chat
Chase Bank
Bank of America
Wells Fargo
US Bancorp/U.S. Bank
Bank of New York Mellon
State Street
Capital One
TD Bank (US)
Royal Bank of Canada
TD Bank (Canada)
Bank of Nova Scotia
Bank of Montreal
Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce
HSBC Holdings
BNP Paribas
Credit Agricole Group
Deutsche Bank
Banco Santander
Barclays PLC
Societe Generale
Groupe BPCE (2 main subsidiaries: Banque Populaire & Caisse d'Epargne
Caisse d'Epargne
Lloyds Banking Group
ING Group
UniCredit S.p.A.
Royal Bank of Scotland
NetHunt CRM
Full Contact 

Updates to the Shift Privacy Policy

At Shift, we’re committed to upholding the highest standards in privacy. In an effort to comply with the new privacy policy regulations rolled out by Google, we have updated our privacy policy. 

You can read about it here. 


The External Shift Window Closes When the 'Open in Browser' Option is Selected

We’re hard at work making Shift the best solution for managing your workflows. In an effort to make Shift behave more intuitively when the option to view a document in the browser is selected, Shift will automatically close the external window and open the document in the browser. 


Inbox for Gmail is No Longer Accessible in Shift

Now that the day has come, and Google has effectively shut down support for Inbox for Gmail, we have removed quick option to switch from Gmail to Inbox in Shift. 

Bug Fixes

Resolved: Chrome 500 Errors

Shift is built on Chromium, the open source project that powers Chrome. If Shift is operating on an out-of-date version of Chrome, sometimes users will receive a “500 Chrome error” at the top of their screen. In an effort to reduce the annoyance of this, the Shift Team has removed the option to “Stay Logged in Longer” from the General Settings. 

“Stay Logged in Longer” is a setting that extends the cookies on your device, but as a result, renders the 500 errors more often in Shift. 


Resolved: Mailtrack Issues 

The Mailtrack extension in Shift has been updated to allow customers to sign in and use the extension as expected in Shift. 


Resolved: Whatsapp Issue

When users try to start WhatsApp in Shift, they are presented with a message saying
"WhatsApp works with Google Chrome 36+.” The team at Shift has updated Shift to resolve this WhatsApp issue. 


Resolved: Shift Does Not Remember Which Screen It Was Last in When Closing Completely and Re-opening

In order to deliver a more streamlined experience, Shift will now remember the screen(s) that were open prior to being closed. If you have two screens open in Shift, and close and re-open the application, Shift will remember which screens were previously open and reload those screens. 


Resolved: Previous WeChat Messages Aren’t Stored in Shift

Prior to the release, messages sent in WeChat in Shift would not be logged after signing out of Shift and logging back in. Now, all WeChat messages sent via Shift will be logged.  


Resolved: Backspace Fails in FreshChat and FreshSales

Prior to the release, customers were unable to use backspace in FreshChat and FreshSales. This issue has been resolved to allow Shift customers to use backspace as needed in FreshChat and FreshSales. 

Resolved: Selecting Mail or Calendar in the Application Menu in Outlook opens in a New Window

Resolved to ensure that selecting Mail or Calendar from the Application Menu in Outlook opens them inside Shift.  


Resolved: Unable to Sign in to Notion

Resolved to enable customers to sign in to Notion inside Shift. 


Resolved: Sign Out of Shift Not Visible to New Users

New users are not given the option of signing out of Shift when running the program for the first time. 


Resolved: Outlook requires users to enter their password twice 

When first setting up Shift, users are asked to enter their Outlook password twice when setting up their account. 


Resolved: Incorrect Slack Unread Count

Now, users will receive accurate counts of the number of unread Slack messages in Shift. 


Resolved: No unread badge for Skype account 

Now, Shift users will know how many unread messages they have in Skype in Shift. 

Resolved: Trello Links Open in the Browser

Shift users can manage their tasks in Trello without the interruption of being taken outside of Shift into the browser. 


Resolved: Cannot Attach Google Drive Files in Slack

This issue has been resolved to allow users to send colleagues Google Drive files in Slack all from inside Shift. 


Resolved: Outlook in Shift Removes User’s Signatures

This issue has been resolved to ensure that the users’ signature is contained in emails sent from Outlook within Shift.


Resolved: Attachments in Apps Won’t Open    

Prior to this release, attachments in apps contained in Shift wouldn’t open if clicked. This issue has been resolved to ensure that viewing and downloading attachments in apps is supported in Shift. 

Resolved: Backspace in Mailchimp loads the previous page

Instead of deleting text, using backspace in Mailchimp in Shift loads the previous page. 


Resolved: Shift does not decode “mailto” links

Mailto links behave in Shift as intended. 


Resolved: Custom URL for Canvas App is Not Supported

Now, users can log in to their Canvas custom domains in Shift.


Resolved: Logs Users Out

Manage your team’s tasks without having to log in to your account in Shift. 


Resolved: Frequent, Unnecessary Calendar Notification 

A select portion of Shift customers were receiving mass amounts of calendar notifications (every 1-5 minutes). This issue has been resolved to ensure that customers do not receive unnecessary calendar notifications.


Resolved: Shift is using the wrong URL for Android Messenger        

The link for Android Messenger has been updated in Shift. 


Resolved: Shift Signature Added to Email Signature

If a user has the Shift signature enabled and goes into Gmail settings, Shift will add 'Sent with Shift' to the customer signature. This causes 'Sent with Shift' to be present even if they disable the setting inside Shift.


Resolved: Shift is Not Able to be Re-Opened From the Mac Dock

After closing Shift on Mac, customers are not able to re-open the app from clicking the Shift icon in the dock. 

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