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Shift 3.0 - Released 2018-08-10

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Resolved: Shift icon, credit card icon images are blurry on a retina display.


Resolved: Formatting issue on relating to the plus sign on the app integrations pages.


Resolved: Login issues

Due to the changes made to the existing onboarding flow in Shift, some existing users experienced difficulties logging in to their accounts.  


Resolved: No desktop notifications shown on Windows 10 or Mac.

Resolved to ensure that email desktop notifications work as expected on Windows 10 and Mac.


Resolved: Continual Update Prompt on Beta Channel

Users on the Beta Channel version of Shift receive repeated prompts to update their version of Shift. Resolved to prompt Beta users to update only once.


Resolved: User cannot log in to the Hubspot extension in Shift

Now, all users can log in successfully to the Hubspot extension.


Resolved: Maximize button on Windows is hidden

Now the maximize button is shown at all times in Shift.  



Updated: Onboarding flow

Onboarding flow includes the addition of several email accounts to ease the transition for new users.


Updated: Startup video updated for Shift

When Shift starts up, a new video is played to welcome users back to Shift and create a pleasant first-time experience.


Updated: Auto-detect email provider

The Shift onboarding process is getting better and better! Now, Shift automatically detects your main email provider to make the initial stages of the onboarding processes easier than ever before!


Updated: Email list scroll feature added to the onboarding process

Step 2 of the onboarding process now features a convenient scroll feature for Shift Bosses who have too many email accounts to show all at once.


Updated: Customize the color of your inboxes during the onboarding process

Users can now customize the color of their email accounts according to their preferences


Updated: Drop-down feature added to the onboarding process

After a user has added an account to Shift and Shift detects the account type, users can use the drop-down to verify the details and make changes.


Updated: Remove accounts during the onboarding flow

Remove accounts during the onboarding flow by clicking the “x” button to the left of the email account.


Updated: Set Shift as your default email client right from the start

We’ve added the ability to make Shift your default email client right from the beginning. Just click the checkbox during the onboarding flow to set Shift as your default.


Updated: Open Google Docs in Chrome!

As a Shift Power user, you can choose to open google links in Shift in Chrome or in a pop-out Shift window. To customize head over to Settings > General.


Updated: Notification for users who add an Office 365 accounts as their primary.

Unfortunately, Office 365 accounts cannot be used as primary Shift accounts. We’ve made this more clear in our initial set up process by adding a red text notification for any user who attempts to add an Office 365 account as their primary.


Updated: Initial onboarding process simplified

We’ve simplified our onboarding process so you can get to inbox zero faster than before!


Updated: 22 New apps are here!


We’ve added 22 new apps to the mix! Here’s a list of the newcomers:

  1. Zoho Email

  2. TeamViewer

  3. Zapier

  4. Airtable

  5. Expensify

  6. Copper (formerly Prosperworks)

  7. MS Teams


  9. Android Messages

  10. Google Chat

  11. Yahoo Mail

  12. Patreon

  13. Prezi

  14. Behance

  15. Unsplash

  16. Dreamstime

  17. Photobucket

  18. Dribble

  19. SmugMug

  20. Stocksy

  21. Pexels

  22. Teamwork



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