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Shift 2.1 - Released 2017-11-16

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Bug Fixes

Resolved: Users with multiple accounts are only able to access the first two in the left-hand sidebar. Corrected to ensure all accounts are visible and accessible via the sidebar scroll feature.


Resolved: Changes made to user profile pictures in Chrome do not update in Shift. Corrected to ensure all changes made to accounts in the browser are updated in Shift.


Resolved: “Done” button is not visible in the Unified Search bar. Corrected so that the “Done” button is visible using the scroll bar accessible on the right of search results.


Resolved: When opened in an external Shift window, Google Sheets/Docs/Slides are titled generically as “Shift-External Content.” Corrected so that all documents opened in external Shift windows are titled according to their name in Drive.


Resolved: On Windows, when attempting to print PDFs in Shift, the “This PC” window opens, instead of the “Print” screen window. Corrected so that when clicked, a PDF will open in the “Print” window.


Resolved: Bug causing Mac OS “paste and match style” shortcut to fail. The bug has been corrected so that the shortcut works as intended.


Resolved: The billing date visible to users is incorrect. Update to show the correct billing date in a user’s Shift interface.


Resolved: The billing price visible to Grandfathered users is incorrect in Shift. Updated to ensure all grandfathered users are seeing the correct price of $19.99.


Resolved: The confirmation message received after muting notifications does not match the time for which notifications are muted. Corrected so that confirmation of notification muting matches the time for which notifications are actually muted.  


Resolved: The left sidebar will not scroll up/down when navigating between accounts using the Cmd+Alt+Up/Down shortcut, resulting in users navigating to accounts that are not in view. This bug has been corrected so when users are navigating in this way, the sidebar will automatically scroll to review hidden accounts.  


Resolved: When clicked, links within Evernote redirect to an “access denied” page in the browser. Corrected so that links open correctly within the browser.


Resolved: When enabled, mute notification settings apply to all accounts, including email, calendar, and app notifications.


Resolved: “Sign in with Google” fails for Asana accounts in Shift. Corrected to allow users the ability to log into their Asana accounts using their Google credentials.


Resolved: Shift sends Slack notifications when the Slack view is active in Shift. Corrected to ensure notifications are not delivered when the Slack window is active in Shift.


Resolved: Layout updated for Shift overlay window so that the “Close” button is positioned outside so as not to obscure any content.


Feature Updates

Ability to view and print PDFs from within the Shift interface is now available.


Unread notifications counts have been added to Whatsapp and Slack. An unread notification badge will register for all Slack and Whatsapp accounts in the left sidebar.


Ability to rearrange apps on the left sidebar is now available within Shift. Click and drag apps to rearrange them in your queue.


Advanced users are now able to downgrade their accounts to Pro. This feature is accessible via Settings > Billing > Downgrade to Pro.



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