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Shift 1.9 - Released 2017-12-31

  • Updated

Feature Updates:

  • New link in the client to the support article that explains how Shift handles mailto links.


Bug Fixes:

  • Resolved: Missing feedback when enabling out of office response.

    • The user will now be able to see a notification about changing settings after the Out Of Office response is enabled.

  • Resolved: Non-intentional links being opened inside Shift.

    • The user should have Support pages open in their browser, or Shift should not open them.

  • Resolved: Shift doesn’t store account order.

    • User’s order of accounts on the left rail of Shift will be preserved after they reset their application data.

  • Resolved: Opened Google Documents in Shift open Chrome window when moved to a new folder.

    • All google doc behavior should be contained within Shift if the setting “Open Google Docs in Shift” is turned on.

  • Resolved: Badge overlaps with the line during the login process.

    • The user will no longer experience overlap and line should disappear.

  • Resolved: Show notification badge with any number of mailboxes.

    • The user will have notifications on their account badges regardless of the number of accounts they have.

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