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Shift 1.7 - Released 2017-12-31

  • Updated

Feature Updates

  • Shift now supports email delegation in Gmail.

  • Direct download of Shift is set to default.

  • Download pop-up will fade away 5 seconds after the download is complete.

  • Notification sent 48 hours before the end of a user’s free trial.


Bugs Fixed

  • Resolved: Outlook calendar would appear under inbox tab after reinstall.

    • User will no longer see their calendar under inbox tab.

  • Resolved: ‘Open Links in Background’ fails on Windows.

    • Windows users will now be able to open links within Shift.

  • Resolved: wmaildownload temporary extension remains

    • This resolves an issue whereby a downloaded file would retain a temporary extension name.

  • Resolved: Allow minimum size of the Shift window to be half.

    • Users will now be able to resize the shift window to fit half of their screen.

  • Resolved: Shift doesn’t grab :mailto protocol for Mac

    • Shift can properly be set as default email reader on Mac.

  • Resolved: :mailto functionality fixed.

    • Mailto functionality now working as expected.

  • Resolved: Taskbar Icon fails to appear on Windows.

    • Windows user will now see Shift logo in Icon on taskbar consistently.  

  • Resolved: Shift starts up with minimum size window.

    • Shift will now open in a regular size window on startup.

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