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Shift 1.8 - Released 2017-12-31

  • Updated

Feature Updates

  • Ability to change your primary account after setup.

  • Download and install several different dictionaries to use in spellcheck.

  • Now when you share Shift, the person you share with will receive a discount.

  • Ability to see who you have shared Shift with and whether they have redeemed their invite.


Bug Fixes

  • Resolved: Popped out composition window, all progress is lost.

    • What content the user has written should be in the newly popped out window.

  • Resolved: Google services in new shift window has been experiencing a collection of failures.

    • User has full access to keyboard shortcuts

    • Windows Explorer will not open up when trying to view a presentation in “presenter view.”

    • New window will open up when navigating.

  • Resolved: Menu Bar/Task Tray doesn’t properly open most recent emails.

    • User will now be able to view most recent emails.

  • Resolved: Office 365 and Outlook account settings are lost when signing in and out of Shift.

    • User’s settings will not be lost when signing in and out of Shift.

  • Resolved: Support multiple compose windows in inbox.

    • Mailto links will properly open up new compose window.

  • Resolved: Support BCC/CC mailto fields.

    • BCC/CC is now supported in mailto links.

  • Resolved: “This version of Chrome is not supported” warning shows up in Gmail occasionally.

    • User will no longer see banner warning.

  • Resolved: Split data migration to avoid single transactions.

  • Resolved: 10% Coupon code not being applied properly.

    • This coupon is now being properly applied.

  • Resolved: Basic mailto links fail to work.

    • Basic mailto links will work for users.

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