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Shift 3.0.5- Released 2018-09-11

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Resolved: Google Hangouts pop-out as an external window

When clicking the external pop-out window, Google Hangouts would open in a Chrome tab. This has been resolved for the Gmail version of Hangouts in Shift. A ticket has been created to resolve this issue in the app version of Hangouts- update coming soon!


Resolved: “Enable player in browser” Spotify error in Shift.

A select number of users were unable to use their Spotify accounts in Shift and confronted with an alert to “enable player in browser.” This has been resolved to allow all users to listen to their tunes via Spotify in Shift.


Resolved: Hubpsot extension icon overlaps with Mailtrack icon in Shift

If enabled at the same time, the Hubspot extension overlaps with the Mailtrack extension in Shift. This has been resolved to ensure that all icons appear visible as expected.


Resolved: Shift does not support multiple Mailto links for Mac users

Resolved to ensure that all mailto email addresses are opened in the email composer in Shift.


Resolved: Unified Search did not take into account the Google Search Operators

Resolved to allow users to search using Goolge Search Operators such as “unread:.”


Resolved: Yahoo mail app did not show unread notification badge.

Users can now keep tabs on how many unread emails they have in their Yahoo Mail app in Shift.


Resolved: Microsoft Teams app did not display unread badge.

Users will now be notified of their direct messages via an unread notification badge in Shift.


Resolved: Expensify log in with GSuite account fails

Now, users can log in and create accounts for Expensify using their Gmail accounts.


Resolved: Backspace in Airtable causes Shift to load the previous page

Backspacing in text fields in the Airtable app caused Shift to load the previous page. This has been resolved to ensure that backspacing in Airtable works as expected.


Resolved: Google Chat unread badge fails

Now, users can keep tabs on their unread messages in Google Chat with an unread badge.


Resolved: Spotify does not remain logged in after exiting Shift and reopening

Spotify will now remain logged in after a user exits and reopens Shift.




Updated: External links in apps open in Shift pop-out window.

We want to help you to get more work done. That’s why, wherever possible, we’ve allowed links in all the apps supported by Shift to open in an external pop-out window.


Updated: Show revised payment total after entering coupons

After entering a coupon, the Shift payment URL will update to the correct amount owing so that you know exactly how much will be charged to your account.


Updated: Streak extension added to Shift!

Hurray! All you Streak users out there can now use Streak in Shift. To enable, head to Settings Extensions and enable Streak.


Updated: Gmelius extension added to Shift!

You asked for it! We’ve added the much requested Gmelius extension to Shift Advanced accounts. To enable, go to Settings Extensions and choose Gmelius. Log in or create your new account and away you go!


Updated: Harvest integration with Asana

Freelancers rejoice! Shift now supports the time tracking Asana integration, Harvest.


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