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Shift 2.5- Released 2018-01-12

  • Updated

Bug Fixes


Resolved: adjusting main email

  • Prior to the release of Shift 2.5, changing the main email of a shift account was not possible without receiving an error message and needing to restart and reload Shift. This bug has been resolved and users can now change their main email without complications.

Resolved: After using a Delegated email account for a couple minutes, Shift reverts back to the user email account.

  • Shift users can now use Delegated Email accounts without being brought back to the user’s account 

Resolved: MixMax does not allow users to insert available times in their calendar into an email.

  • When using Mixmax to schedule meetings through email, clicking “insert times” will now insert the available time slots selected into the chosen email.

Resolved: Shift fails to re-authenticate when using Gmail with OneLogin.

  • With OneLogin enabled Gmail accounts, Shift will now revert to the Google login page to re-authenticate through Google rather than OneLogin.

Resolved: The “Set as Primary Account” button does not work.

  • This bug has been fixed so changing the main email account in Shift is now possible.

Resolved: When composing an email, disabling Spell Check causes the email tab to reload

  • When composing an email using the “Compose” tool in Shift, disabling Spell Check would close the email tab cause it to reload. Shift 2.5 does not close an email when Spell Check is turned off during its composition.


Feature Updates

Shift now supports the Mixpanel Analytics Application!

  • Support for Mixpanel is now available on all Advanced accounts. Advanced users can now track their web and mobile applications using Mixpanel’s analytics and features. To enable, go to Settings Apps and click on the Mixpanel icon to add an account to your Shift sidebar.


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