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Shift 1.9.11 - Released 2017-12-31

  • Updated

Feature Updates

  • Users will be reminded once in awhile that Shift is still running in the background if a situation arises where they could be using Shift instead. This feature can also be disabled if need be.

  • Shift will remember where the last downloaded file is located when downloading subsequent files.


Bug Fixes:

  • Resolved: Application icon not showing on Windows

    • Shift icon should appear on User’s desktop.

  • Resolved: After paying the success page in the client shows the wrong amount billed.

    • User will no longer see the wrong price billed, although they were charged the correct amount

  • Resolved: The function to check if the database for OneDrive already exists does not work correctly.

    • Microsoft Users will no longer experience these folder issues when installing Shift.

  • Resolved: Sync data overwritten when using multiple computers.

    • Shift will no longer overwrite the User’s data on occasion if the User has Shift open on multiple computers at once.

  • Resolved: Print contacts fails

    • User will get a dialog to choose printer, and then their contacts should be printed.

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