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Shift 1.9.30 - Released 2017-12-31

  • Updated

Feature Updates

  • Clicking on settings takes the user to the settings of the account they are currently on.  

  • Double-clicking the calendar tab will take the user to the ‘Today’ view of the calendar.

  • User can now experience in-app messaging that allows for a full experience of Shift’s features and capabilities.


Bug Fixes

  • Resolved: Text selection issues.

    • Windows users will no longer experience their cursor moving erratically when trying to select text.

  • Resolved: Deleted unread messages are counted by badge in Office365.

    • User will no longer see deleted messages as “unread” for the unread badge.

  • Resolved: Retina images not loading from CDN in

    • User will have retina images load correctly.

  • Resolved: Turning off Auto-Renew doesn’t work

    • User will no longer experience indefinite processing when trying to turn off Auto-Renew.

  • Resolved: Forced to choose primary account upon copying over a new version of Shift.

    • User will no longer be prompted to select primary account after updating Shift.

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