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Shift 1.5 - Released 2017-12-31

  • Updated

Feature Updates

  • Receive notifications while the user is away from the app.

  • The user now has the ability to Sign Out and Sign In to Shift.

  • In-app tour of Shift now available for users.


Bug Fixes

  • Resolved: Back and forth buttons working intermittently on Mac.

    • Mac users will no longer experience delay or problems with back and forth buttons.

  • Resolved: Add unread messages setting is ignored.

    • User’s preferred settings will remain set.  

  • Resolved: Send mail feature in accounts doesn’t open.

    • New composition page will appear inside Shift with the correct address as the destination.  

  • Resolved: Users periodically have to re-authorize their accounts.

    • When a user opens Shift, all accounts will already be authenticated.

  • Resolved: Links in calendar events fail to open.

    • Links will open when clicked on.  

  • Resolved: User encounter errors when downgrading.

    • A user will be able to downgrade account without any issues.

  • Resolved: Shift sets Hibernate / Docs in Shift to false on the first-time launch.

    • Setting buttons fixed so the preferred setting the user chooses will stay even after updates.  

  • Resolved: Display problems.

    • Users should no longer see gaps on display.

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