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Shift 3.6 - Released 2019-04-25

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Performance Enhancements

To make Shift more responsive to your machine’s RAM and processing power, we have introduced a smarter hibernation mode. Shift will take into account your machine’s specifications and use these to set hibernation mode limits, so you don’t have to. Based on the amount of RAM your machine has, Shift will intelligently turn on and off hibernation mode to help you get more out of Shift.

Simplify Extension for Gmail

With Inbox for Gmail shutting down, we wanted to offer our users an alternative. Made by the co-creator of Inbox for Gmail, we have added the Simplify Extension to our roster for our users interested in keeping the spirit of Inbox for Gmail alive. It simplifies the Gmail interface to the bare minimum. More details on Simplify here.

Skype for Business

Skype for Business has been removed from the Shift app directory. With some exploration, we have found that Skype for Business does not operate in Shift as we had originally intended. This is because Skype for Business is not a true web application, and therefore we are unable to support it in Shift to its full capacity.

App Directory Updates

Want to learn more about the apps in Shift? Try hovering over their logos in the Shift app directory to learn more about the over 600 apps in Shift and their benefits.

Bug Fixes

Resolved: Shift cc’s users on their own emails. The sender receives the email in their inbox as if it were a new email from another person. Shift no longer cc’s users in their own replies.

Resolved: Shift does not accept colour changes to apps after they have been added.

Resolved: Custom Google avatars are being overwritten by the default Google avatars.

Resolved: Clicking ‘x’ on a new update popup causes Shift to update to the newest version still.

Resolved: Shift recognized email accounts as an Office 365 account instead of Outlook.

Resolved: Internet connectivity modal pops up too frequently and impedes the user’s ability to use Shift. The modal will be less aggressive in this version of Shift.

Resolved: Shift automatically logs users into their Google apps, making it difficult to log in to the correct Google app account. Users will now be able to switch between their accounts like they would in a browser.

Resolved: The 500 error that occurs due to cookie persistence issues in Shift will no longer cause issues for users.

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