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Shift 2.9.9 - Released 2018-07-11

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The sun is shining and productivity is in the air! With longer days and shorter nights the possibilities for getting things done is endless! So, without further adieu, here is our list of the most recent updates to Shift.


Bug Fixes

Resolved: Mailtrack extension signup issue

  • After a user sign-on Mailtrack, Shift opens up the email in the current modal (Mac) or stays in the current modal after click on "go to my email" button (Windows) rather than actually bring you to the email.

Resolved: Users are now able to use the Ctrl + F shortcut in emails opened in external windows

Resolved: Zoho backspacing issue

  • Users are now able to backspace in Zoho in Shift without causing the previous page to load.

Resolved: Emails received from Shift will scale appropriately to mobile devices.

Resolved: Mailto links with templates have disrupted formatting in Shift

  • When sending Mailto links with templates in Shift the formatting will no longer be disrupted and the email will reflect the formatting as intended.



Updated: Choose which apps and accounts are excluded from Hibernation Mode in Shift

  • Users are now able to select the apps and accounts they want to be exempt from Shift’s Auto-Hibernate Mode feature. Simply right-click on the app or account and select “Hibernate Off.”

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