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Shift 2.9 - Released 2018-05-04

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It’s May, Shift Bosses! To start the month off right, we’re bringing you a new and improved version of Shift, right to your desktop.


Bug Fixes


Resolved: The unread email badge shows the wrong number of unread emails.

  • Shift users will now see the correct number of unread emails in the unread email badge on their account icon.

Resolved: The HubSpot Extension does not open properly.

  • The Hubspot sales Extension is now working and fully functional.

Resolved: Authentication in the Trello app occurs in a browser window rather than in Shift.

  • Trello will now authenticate users within the Shift window.

Resolved: Some applications enter hibernation mode when active.

  • Applications will not hibernate when active.

Resolved: The Shift icon does not match the Gmail account avatar.

  • The Gmail account avatar will now match the account icon in Shift.

Resolved: Outlook Beta ad is not hidden.

  • Shift will now hide Outlook Beta ad to provide users with a less cluttered inbox.

Resolved: Shift users cannot easily add new extensions in the extension drop-down menu.

  • Users can now use the link in the extension drop-down menu to easily browse and add extensions in Shift.

Resolved: Shift users with one email must confirm their primary email.

  • New users with one email account no longer need to confirm their primary email account as their primary account will be their only account.

Resolved: Candidate builds after April 19 cannot download Extensions.

  • Any Shift Advanced user can now use the fully featured version of Shift Advanced, including extensions.

Updated: Shift can no longer accept Diners Club or Discovery cards.

  • Stripe has discontinued their support for Diners Club and Discovery Cards.

Updated: Similar to Gmail, when a user does not have a profile icon, Shift will replace the icon with a coloured avatar.



Feature Updates

Shift now includes the following Extensions:

GoToMeeting Calendar Extension

  • Attend your meeting from anywhere with GoToMeeting.

Collabspot CRM Extension

  • Understand your prospects and reduce data entry in your CRM with Collabspot.


Downloading applications has never been easier for new Shift users. When setting up a new Shift account, users will be offered a list of suggested extensions to include in Shift immediately.


Privacy Policy Updates

Here at Shift we take privacy and security very seriously. In order to better serve our current and future users, we have become GDPR compliant.


Our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use have been adapted to comply with the GDPR regulations.

Thanks again for using Shift! Remember, we are just an email away at if you have any feedback, questions or concerns, or check out our support article for more details.

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