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How to change your team Admin

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The title says it all! If you are looking to change the admin of your Shift for Teams account, this article is for you! 

Every Team account has one Admin. The "Admin" title is automatically given to whoever first starts the Team by purchasing additional licenses and is the team's main point of contact for all account changes and billing-related inquiries. The Admin has access to the Team dashboard and is able to purchase additional licenses as well as assign and unassign purchased licenses as needed.

Here's how to change your team Admin:

  1. Decide who your new team admin should be and ensure they create a Shift Account
  2. Have proof of payment ready (provide either a copy of an invoice or the last 4 digits of the credit card on file for the most recent purchase)
  3. Have the current Admin reach out to the support team directly (if possible) requesting the Admin be changed. Provide the Primary Shift Account of who the new Admin should be

If your previous Admin no longer needs access to Shift, please indicate this to our Support team and they'll ensure the subscription is transferred from the old Admin, to the new one.  

What's next?

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