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Shift 3.4 - Released 2019-02-07

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Keyboard shortcut bug
Ctrl +Shift + arrow (up and down) is interfering with standard Window shortcuts. 
Resolved: the Ctrl + Shift + up/down arrow has been removed for Window users to prevent this custom shortcut from interfering with standard Windows shortcuts. 


Office 365 presents a slim authentication window
Resolved: Logging into an Office 365 account will now present a “normal” sized window instead of the slimmed down version presented previously. 


Primary mailbox sync error
If the primary mailbox was missing, Shift failed to sync and could not recover data
Resolved: Shift now syncs with all primary mailboxes and all data syncs across clients. 


JIRA error
Resolved: Connect your Jira account and manage your development process with ease in Shift. 

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