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Shift 3.7 - Released 2019-06-13

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Shift 3.7 has now been released! This release includes key bug fixes and fewer feature updates. We are working hard behind the scenes to bring a new version of Shift to our users. Many new features are in the works are we are thrilled to be able to offer them soon. 

Big projects include (not yet released):

1. Browser tabs in Shift with fully integrated link-handling for all apps. 

2. Framework migration from Muon to Electron. The Electron framework provides us with more flexibility and a supportive community that is committed to developing the Electron framework for Shift to run on. With this transition comes many improvements to Shift that we are excited to share. 

New Updates

Scrolling for Windows Users

A scroll bar has been added for Windows users to the Shift settings to allow for easier navigation in Shift. 

Bug Fixes

Resolved: Users are unable to log in to the Hubspot Sales Extension. 

Resolved: Workplace by Facebook's domain is incorrect and does not link to the correct page. 

Resolved: Scrolling in the Shift in-app application directory is slow. 

Resolved: External Shift windows only display "Shift" as the title and do not show the name of the document or tab in use, making Shift windows difficult to identify. 

Resolved: Apple mail users are unable to forward emails when using Apple mail in Shift. 

Resolved: Google Hangouts Chat's domain is incorrect and links to the wrong page.

Resolved: Clicking on mailto links includes an incorrect symbol that disallows users from emailing the correct contact. 

Resolved: Zoom extension shows the error "Port does not exist" and disallows users from logging in. 

Resolved: Shift does not allow Gmail users to print a PDF directly. 

Resolved: Mixmax's version is not compatible with the current version of Chromium Shift is running. Mixmax has been removed and will be re-instated to Shift shortly. 


Thanks for your continued support of Shift!  

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