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Shift 5.0.89 - Released 2020-10-02

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Happy October! We are excited to share that Shift V5.0.89 has been released to the Stable Channel. To see what updates and bug fixes have been made for this release please see below.  


  • A scroll bar feature has been added for macOS users to ensure you are able to scroll on all pages inside of Shift.

Bug Fixes

Resolved: Navigating to a URL that does not exist results in a white page in Shift. 

Resolved: Setting an invalid email account as a Primary Shift account will display the wrong dialogue.

Resolved: Options tray (Ribbon) will remain expanded rather than closing while inside of Shift Settings.

Resolved: Email notifications in Shift are delayed.

Resolved: The Spotify app has an error message alerting that the site cannot be reached on top of the app.

Resolved: Notifications are not effectively silenced on Primary Email Accounts despite the preferences made in Settings.


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