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Shift 6.0.54 - Released 2021-02-10

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Shift 6.0.54 has been released to the Stable Channel. This release contains a brand new feature and some essential bug fixes and improvements to Shift. 

Introducing Automatic OS Theme Detection 🌗

Shift's newest feature is here. Utilize the “Auto” theme and Shift will recognize when your Operating System has switched from light mode to dark mode. With the Auto theme, Shift will detect your timezone and switch alongside your OS.

To switch to the Auto theme navigate to Options Settings General Appearence Theme Select 'Auto'.



Bugs Fixed

  • Lastpass multi-factor authentication does not work

  • When 'Open Links in Shift' is turned off in Shift, some links open in Chrome that should open in Shift

  • Clicking certain links in Shift results in an overlay appearing, rather than opening the link in a browser tab
  • MailTrack extension is missing elements when the language setting on your OS is set to any language other than English
  • Simplify Gmail extension results in display issues in Gmail
  • Using the Grammarly extension in the Android Messages app will underline the incorrect word as a typo
  • MixMax Extension live feed displays inaccurate timestamps and status
  • Hubspot extension users are unable to log into the extension
  • When the Mailtrack extension is enabled Gmail may not load and the web view must be reloaded for Mailtrack to appear
  • Searching in the Shift apps directory brings up unspecific results
  • Unread badge counts for apps is incorrect
  • Messenger app badges are not appearing

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