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Shift 6.0.47 - Released 2020-12-02

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Shift 6.047 has been launched to the Stable channel. This stable release contains imperative performance updates and Shift's very own Password Manager along with other exciting features!


Introducing Shift's Password Manager

Import your passwords into Shift from your browser(s) or an existing password manager to manage all your passwords from directly inside of Shift.


  • Shift's Password Manager is available

  • Mailtrap App has an updated logo inside of Shift 

  • LastPass extension is loading 80% faster than in previous versions of Shift.
  • Extensions no longer share the same partition, meaning that you can sign into different accounts for the same extension. 

Bug fixes

Resolved: Roundcube App does not allow the use of a custom domain to sign in to the correct Webmail service

Resolved: Opening emails from Gmail that are been sent with Mailtrack results in an unreadable email

Resolved: LastPass extension menu items do not open in a new tab

Resolved: Mailto link is not working if the selected Email Account is hibernating 

Resolved: Pinned tabs will close by clicking the "Close other tabs" and "Close tabs to the right" actions

Resolved: Back, forward and refresh button are visible while in Shift Settings



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