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Shift 5.0.88 - Released 2020-09-23

  • Updated

We're pleased to present that Shift Version 5.0.88 has been released to the Stable channel. To learn how to update to the latest version of Shift please click here. 


  • Windows users can close the Shift app to the System Tray through Shift Settings.

  • Gmail messages are updated more frequently to ensure notifications and badges are updated in real-time.

  • Mac users can now view unread notification badges on the Shift app icon and Mac menu.

Bug Fixes 

Resolved: Opening Slack causes the web view to continuously load for some users. 

Resolved: Applications are not auto-hibernating effectively. 

Resolved: Notifications are still being received on Shift Primary email accounts regardless of if notifications are turned off in Shift Settings. 



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