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Shift 7.2.10 - Released 2022-01-31

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The days are slowly getting longer and the sun is starting to shine bright! Shift version 7.2.10 is here. This version contains a massive "under the hood" upgrade that can help you to be your most productive self yet! Here's a summary of what we did:


Bugs Fixed 🐛🔨

  • OneDrive button missing for Microsoft 365 accounts
  • Clipboard not maintaining integrity when copying links within Shift
  • Auto-fill not functioning as expected with Shift's password manager
  • Cannot upload a JPG file to the Facebook application
  • Mailto link does not launch a new compose window with information populated 


** Please note that the Mailto fix is a partial fix. Recipient information will be populated as expected when a Gmail account is selected, and also when most Outlook accounts are selected. Recipient info is not yet populated for Office 365 emails. **

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