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Shift 8.3.0 - Released 2023-02-08

  • Updated

New Things 

  • Disable import button when no checkboxes are ticked
  • Add app shortcut smart link-handling dialogue 
  • Update Epic Search options to use global dialogs
  • Show current date on Unified Calendar and align it
  • Enable bookmark syncing 
  • Improve smart ink panel error handling
  • Refactor update modals
  • Workspace migration support
  • Disable save button when a standalone Workspace is unnamed
  • Add keyboard shortcut for opening Unified Calendar
  • Ability to differentiate between app accounts in the Quick Switcher dropdown

Bugs Fixed 🐛🔨

  • Error when fetching the latest Chrome version
  • Background tabs not loading
  • Quick Switcher showing "undefined" for unnamed Workspaces
  • "Edit bookmark" dialog is cut off
  • Telegram badges not appearing
  • Slack unread extractor is not functioning as expected
  • Can't drag and drop files into Shift over an account or app in the sidebar
  • "Sent with Shift" is appearing on a free trial user's signature
  • Header style regression for Unified Calendar
  • A "400 error" is appearing for some users when accessing email accounts
  • Upgrade dialog is rendering above panels


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