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What to do if my Gmail is not syncing across my phone and Shift

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If you're accessing your Gmail inbox from both Shift and your mobile device, you may sometimes come across a scenario where the contents of your email inbox on your phone are not syncing with the contents of your email inbox within Shift, and vice versa.


A common example is when you delete an email on your phone, that email still appears in your inbox when accessing it on a computer.


How do I fix this?

The first thing you should do is check your email inbox in a native browser outside of Shift (e.g. Chrome or Safari). If the sync issue is occurring there, this is an indication that Gmail servers are the culprit, not Shift.


To fix this sync issue, simply delete Gmail from your phone and then re-add it. This should reset Google's server sync and properly sync your inboxes.


What next?

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