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All About the Shift Beta Channel

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What is the Beta channel?

Do you consider yourself a pioneer or power user of software? Do you get enjoyment out of providing support and product teams with valuable feedback? Then the Beta channel is the place to be! On Beta, you'll have early access to the newest features and bug fixes. Beta is the first place public releases go and is considered a bit more experimental in nature than the main, default channel, Stable. With that said Beta is still a very safe place to be and we encourage anyone who wants to get early access to new features to download.

How to switch to the Beta channel

  1. Head to our channel download page
  2. Click Beta in the center of the screen to download the latest Beta version of Shift 

Alpha Channel Decommissioning

The Alpha channel is being absorbed into the Beta channel. If you were a previous Alpha user, you might notice that eventually, your update prompt will say 'Beta' instead of Alpha. Simply update to the latest version as normal. No further action from you is required and this change does not impact your access to the Shift platform.

How can I move back to Stable if I'm on Beta?

No longer want to be on Beta? No problem! Simply head to our website and click download. 

Can I download a previous version of Shift?

No. Older channels are no longer available for download once an updated release is published. That said, if you're experiencing a technical issue with a newly released version, our support team would love to hear from you! Please reach out anytime by clicking on Submit Ticket or by interacting with our friendly chatbot.

What's next?

Need help? Have questions? Reach out to our support team anytime. 

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