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How to use Epic Search

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Want a way to search for the page, document, or answer you need? Want a way to search across all your Workspaces, Calendars, and Drive folders? Simply type in a keyword or phrase within the search bar! Continue reading for everything you need to know about using Epic Search.👇

How does Epic Search Work?

Epic search will search across a number of sources and return results based on the following:

  • Browsing History
  • Added email accounts (Workspaces), Calendars, and Drive folders
  • Recently opened online documents (such as online PDFs, Docs, Sheets, etc. from browser history)
  • Search results (via DuckDuckGo)
  • Google search suggestions

How to start a new Epic Search

  1. Click on the Search Bar at the top of Shift and type what you want to search

  2. Select any filter on the left-hand side from the web, mail, calendar, and drive

  3. Select "All" if you want to search across all the added mailbox

  4. Select a Workspace icon if you want to search inside one specific Workspace only

To get the most out of Epic Search, we highly recommend keeping all your browsing and working on documents within Shift as much as possible! To help with that, make sure the open links in Shift setting is turned on by going to Options (lower left) Settings You and Shift Toggle ON Open links in Shift.

Privacy & Security of Epic Search

Epic Search queries and results are not indexed or stored on Shift's servers in any way. Shift's servers, its employees, and its data partners DO NOT have any insight into what you search for or your search results. The only data that is tracked in this regard is how you interact with and use Epic Search (for instance, how many times you searched for something but not what you actually searched for or the search results).

When you click on the mail, calendar, Google Drive, or OneDrive filter, Epic Search queries Google & Microsoft's API on your behalf. The information returned by the API is never shared with Shift’s servers. Any search originates from your computer and goes directly to Google or Microsoft. Shift does not get in the way of this at all. 

Want to have a quick demo video of the Epic Search in Shift? Check out this video.

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