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Email: How to use the Outlook Web App for Exchange emails

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Wondering how to add your email to Shift if it's an Exchange account? You just have to use an app! Learn more here.

If you have an Exchange account, you can add your email to Shift by using the Outlook Web App! 😎 Just click the "+" in the lower-left corner, select "Add Application" and search for the Outlook Web App. When you add the app to your setup, you'll be prompted to enter your team domain:

You can find what this URL is by opening your email in the Outlook Desktop app. With Outlook open, click "File" in the upper right corner. Your OWA server address, if it exists, should be displayed just underneath Account Settings at the top, under "Access this account on the web." Copy the link, paste it into the Team Domain space in Shift, and press Save. After that, the Outlook Web App will be added to your setup. Log in, and away you go! 🚀

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