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All about the Unified Calendar

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This feature is available on v9.0.0 and up.

Unified Calendar is, as the name suggests, a special calendar view that combines all your calendar events across all your added email-linked Workspaces into one view! Continue reading to learn more.📅

How does Unified Calendar work?

The Unified Calendar uses a single view to display all of your events for the current day across all the Google/Microsoft accounts you've added to Shift. Shift utilizes APIs to display your calendar events. For that reason, you must be fully logged into your accounts for them to display properly in Unified Calendar.

Please note that if you add any calendar app to the sidebar, it will not show the events in the Unified Calendar. The reason is that signing into these calendar apps is not going through the API access that is required for the Unified Calendar to show you the events from there.

Events in Unified Calendar are color-coded according to the color you've set for the email-connected Workspace and will display the Google/Microsoft profile avatar for whatever email account the event is linked to. To change the color of your calendar events, right-click on the Workspace in your sidebar, and select Edit Workspace. More on that here.

How to open and use Unified Calendar

  1. First, ensure you're logged into your accounts fully (you must be logged in for Unified Calendar to pull events)
  2. Open Unified Calendar by long-clicking on the calendar icon (upper right corner) or use the Ctrl+Alt+U (Windows) and the Ctrl+Optn+Cmd+U (Mac) keyboard shortcuts

The Unified Calendar will slide out from the right-hand side of your screen. You can click on the arrows to look at previous or future days in your calendar. 

Unified Calendar will display events in your Google and Microsoft calendars you're logged into. It does not yet include events from any shared calendars, tasks, or reminders.


Unified Calendar FAQs

Can I pick and choose which calendars the Unified Calendar displays?


How do I know which email account a calendar event is linked to?

Events are color-coded to match whatever color you've set for the respective email account. The event will also display the profile avatar associated with the respective email account. To change these settings, right-click on your Workspace in the left sidebar, and select Edit Workspace to change the colour and logo.

Can I edit events directly from the Unified Calendar view?


What happens if I click an event in the Unified Calendar view?

Shift will direct you to the email account the event is linked to. If there is a link associated with the event (e.g. Zoom or Google Meet), the link will open in the respective location.

Can I see a Unified Calendar for the entire week?

Yes. The Unified Calendar allows you to move forward or backward to see the calendar for different days.

Can I see an all-day event in my Unified Calendar?

Yes! This is coming soon and is expected to be released later this summer.


Want to have a quick demo of how to use Unified Calendar in Shift? Check out this video.

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