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"Add to Shift" button missing when trying to add Chrome extension

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Issue Summary 📄

When trying to add an extension via the extension button in the top right of Shift screen , once the desired extension has been chosen, the "Add to Shift" button is missing. 

What these users see: 

What should be seen: 


If you are experiencing this issue, please access the Chrome web store via our settings page. 

Quick Settings (top-right corner)  Scroll down to Advanced Settings Extensions (this will take you to your extension) Main Extension Menu (top left, 3-line icon) Open Chrome Web Store (bottom left) Choose desired extension.

You should now see the "Add to Shift button" 

Status: fix request submitted 

A fix request for this issue has been submitted and prioritized with our Product and Development teams. Check back here for the latest updates. If you've submitted a support ticket for this issue, we'll send you a note as soon as the fix is available for download.

What's next?

Check out the latest Stable release notes here.

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