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All about Smart Link Handling

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Smart Link-handling is a feature that runs in the background and automatically detects when a clicked link is related to an app that you've added to your setup or an app in the Shift app library. Smart link handling makes for easier navigation in Shift and helps improve your setup! ⚡

How to turn Smart Link-handling ON or OFF

This setting is turned on by default and can be managed anytime by going to Settings (gear icon in the top right) Advanced Settings You and Shift:

Links will open in the app within the Workspace you clicked the link within. If an app is in another Workspace, Shift will navigate to that Workspace the app is in. If you have multiple instances of the same app added, Shift will open the link within whatever Workspace the app is in. In the video below, you can see that when a link is clicked in an email, it opens in the corresponding app in the Workspace:

How to use install app suggestions

This setting is turned on by default and can be managed anytime by going to Settings Advanced Settings You and Shift:

When this setting is turned ON, install app suggestions will pop up whenever you click a link that you don't have an app installed for and that app exists in Shift's library. In the example below, a customer clicks an Asana link and gets a popup to install the Asana app:

How to use Smart Link Handling with multiple instances of an app

If you have multiple instances with different accounts of an app in a Workspace, you will get the option to choose which account you want the link to open. After clicking the link, you get a pop-up window asking you to choose the account you want to open. Select the account of your choice, and the link will be opened in that instance. You can set a default account to open the link by selecting the “Remember this decision” option. 

You can also right-click on the link, and it will give you the options to choose the account you want to use to open the link.

How to have app links open in Shift or in your default browser 

You can have your app links open in a new tab instead of opening up the app. To do this, select the “Open Link in new Tab” box when the prompt appears. This will open up the link in a new tab. You can select “Don’t show this again for this app” if you wish to always open that link in a new tab. If you accidentally click this box and want to open future links in the app, right-click the app, and select “Open Links in App”

Links can also be opened outside of Shift to your default browser. 

First, you will need to ensure that Shift is not your default Browser. You can check this setting in SettingsDefault Browser. If you need to change this, head to your system settings and ensure you have the desired browser selected. 

Next, you’ll need to ensure you’ve turned off both “Open Links in Shift” and “Open links in Apps” 

All links should now open in your default browser. 

Only want links attached to an app to open in Shift and links that are not attached to open in your default browser? We can sure make that happen!

By keeping: 

  • "Open links in-app" ON  

  • "Open links in Shift" OFF

Links will open up in their respective places.


Want to have a quick demo video of the Smart Link Handling in Shift? Check out this video.

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