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How to use the Mute Notifications tool

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Need to get rid of all the distractions for any period of time or during meetings? When enabled, the Mute Notifications tool will pause desktop notification popups and most notification sounds. Learn how to use it below!

The Mute Notifications tool allows you to:

  • Temporarily disable email, calendar, and app notifications (or a select combination of the 3)
  • Temporarily mute notification and most playback sounds
  • Automatically mute notifications when you're in a meeting (detects via your added email account calendars)

You may continue to hear notification sounds from some apps, even when Mute Notifications is turned on (Slack, WhatsApp, and Messenger are a few examples of when this will occur). To avoid this, we recommend adjusting your settings directly within those apps.

How to enable the Mute Notifications tool

  1. Click on "Options" (the gear icon in the top right corner)
  2. Click the bell icon to mute notifications for 30 minutes 
  3. Click "Notification Settings" 
  4. Select your muting preferences

When you turn on Mute notifications during meetings setting at the top, your notifications will automatically be paused for the duration of meetings scheduled in any one of your added email account calendars.

What's next?

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