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Shift for Teams FAQ

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This article answers some of our most asked questions about Shift for Teams! Have a question? It's probably answered in this article; give it a read! 🤓


1. What is the difference between Shift Advanced and Shift for Teams?

Check out our in-depth comparison here.


2. How much is Shift for Teams?

Check our latest pricing here. 


3. Can I control what apps my Team Members can add to their Shift setup?

No. Each individual team member has control over their own Shift setup and can add whatever email accounts, apps, and Chrome extensions of their own.


4. Can I set a default setup for my Team Members?



5. Do I automatically get reimbursed for unused Shift for Teams licenses?

No. As a subscription service, when you purchase additional licenses for your team, they are purchased on an annual basis. Credit is not offered on unused time for any vacant or unused licenses. 


6. What is the difference between an Admin and a Member on Shift for Teams?

The Admin is the team's main point of contact for all account changes and billing-related inquiries. The Admin has access to the Team dashboard and is able to purchase additional licenses as well as assign and unassign purchased licenses as needed. A team Member does not have the ability to purchase, change billing, or alter the team. More on getting started with Shift for Teams, here.


7. Is it possible to have more than one Admin for my Team?

No. There cannot be more than one Admin per team.


8. I got a discount for Shift Advanced. Does it also apply to my Shift for Teams account?

No. If you purchased Shift Advanced at a discounted rate, your discount will be voided and the difference between what you paid and the regular price of Shift will be added when you purchase a Teams plan. More on coupons here.

Exceptions are for those who qualify for our Non-Profit and Educator discounts


9. Is there any Shift for Teams discounts available?

Any promotional offer is applicable to individual subscriptions only. See our coupon policy.


If you're considering Shift for Teams, our account team would love to hear from you! Head here to get in touch.


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