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Casey and Shift: Founder, CPA and Travel Enthusiast

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We sat down with Casey to chat about how Shift helps him and his team stay on top of their digital workflows. Check out the conversation, below!

** Casey is using the old version of Shift (v7). Check out the new version of Shift (v9), here. **


Casey is the founder and CEO of Compass CPA, PC, a virtual accounting and tax services firm. Casey and his team help clients with bookkeeping, payroll management, and virtual CFO services. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, Casey was already thinking about optimizing the way in which accounting and tax services are delivered; he saw an opportunity to offer these services, virtually. At Compass CPA, PC, Casey, and his team are dedicated to providing quality financial services while maintaining alignment with their client's financial goals.

Outside of work, you can find Casey exploring the outdoors (mountain biking, skiing, and camping, to name a few) and getting yet another new stamp on his passport (his current record is traveling to over 28 countries in one year)!

Casey's use-case for Shift

As someone working with multiple different clients at once, Casey needed an efficient way to manage a myriad of client and team member email accounts. Each client has their own dedicated email account and Casey is often responsible for managing upwards of 30 separate email accounts at any given time. In Chrome, Casey would have these email accounts spread out across separate incognito windows (Chrome forces you to go incognito if you want to be signed in to multiple email accounts simultaneously). 

Not having all his email accounts centralized in one place, Casey found himself missing emails and spending valuable time trying to context switch between his clients. All-in-all, the structural limitations of his native browser made it extremely difficult to efficiently manage multiple email accounts. 


"Managing close to 30 emails without Shift was a huge headache!"


Casey downloaded Shift in 2019. He was instantly sold on the ability to consolidate all his email accounts in one place within one view where he could see outstanding notifications for each account. He's been a paid user of Shift ever since.

Why Shift?

Immediately after integrating his workflow within Shift, Casey noticed how much more manageable it was to keep track of all his clients emails. Since implementing Shift as his daily driver, he's integrated ~30 email accounts as well as his other digital tools, some of which include Asana, WhatsApp, and Evernote. Casey takes full advantage of Shift's "Notification Management" feature, setting notification preferences on a per-email account level so that he never misses an incoming email.

After experiencing the benefits of Shift himself, Casey saw an opportunity to leverage the tool across his team and soon rolled out Shift company-wide. 


"Shift gives us the ability to have a bird's-eye view of all our email accounts, which was exactly what my team and I needed!"


Casey also really appreciates that he can open links outside of Shift when needed. With many email accounts added to Shift, Casey prefers the flexibility of being able to open web tabs outside Shift if needed. 

Connect with Casey on LinkedIn, here.

What's next?

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