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How to transfer to a team from individual accounts

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This article goes over how to make the switch from an individual account to a teams account, and provides some guiding questions to help you decide if teams is right for you! Keep reading for more teams info😎 

Do multiple members of your organization have individually paid Shift accounts? Want a better way to manage and keep track of your team members? Looking for a better way to streamline your expense management and billing? If you answered yes to any of these questions, or ever had a similar sentiment, then Shift for Teams is the solution for you! πŸ€—

Shift for Teams is our enterprise option, that provides a few additional perks above and beyond Shift Advanced for individuals. Streamline your billing, get access to different roles and permissions, and an easy-to-use Teams dashboard to manage licenses and team members. 

How to transfer or switch over to a Shift for Teams subscription

If you'd like to consolidate your members into a single Teams license, do the following:

  1. Choose a Teams admin and purchase a subscription to Shift for them (if they are not already on a paid account). Learn about the difference between the Admin and regular member here.
  2. After purchasing, have the Admin head into Options (lower left) Settings Teams click on "Invite Your Team"
  3. Click Purchase, and enter the number of seats required for the team (less one for the Admin)
  4. Enter the team members' emails in each seat (note: this must be the same email as the Primary Shift Account the team members are already using for their individual accounts)
  5. Each team member will receive an invitation email to join the team. Have each member click the link in this email. More about that here.

Once the team members have been added and have accepted the invite to join the team, our support team can issue each team member a partial refund for the time remaining on their individual subscriptions to Shift. Either:

  1. Have each team member reach out to our support team directly here, mentioning they've been recently added to a team, or
  2. Have someone reach out on your team members' behalf. Have this person provide all the emails (Primary Shift Accounts) for the accounts to be refunded as well as proof of payment for each account (either a copy of the invoice or the last 4 digits of the card that was used to purchase the subscription)

After that, you're good to go! πŸš€

What's Next?

Check out our "Shift for Teams" Use Case section for real examples of how Teams users are getting the most out of Shift.

Learn more about getting started with Shift for Teams, here.

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