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Shift for Teams features

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Curious about what Shift for Teams has to offer you? Continue reading through the article below!

Team roles and permissions πŸ”’

Every Team account has one Admin. The "Admin" title is automatically given to whoever first starts the Team by purchasing additional licenses and is the team's main point of contact for all account changes and billing-related inquiries. The Admin has access to the Team dashboard and is able to purchase additional licenses as well as assign and unassign purchased licenses as needed.


When the Admin (through the Team Dashboard) invites a team member to join Shift, they receive an email invite. Upon accepting, they unlock Shift's full features and can add unlimited emails, apps, and extensions. Unlike the Admin, Members don't have the ability to purchase licenses or view or manage team members in any way.


  • There cannot be more than 1 Admin per team
  • Each team member has control over their Shift set-up
  • The Admin cannot control what email accounts and apps their team members add to Shift


Permission/Feature Member Admin
Ability to add unlimited emails, apps, and use extensions for their own setups



Access to Team Dashboard



Ability to purchase and manage Team Members



Is the main point of contact for account changes and billing questions ❌ βœ…


Unified Billing

A Shift for Teams subscription consolidates all your team members under a single subscription and billing cycle. No more having to share the corporate credit card, approving expenses, or reimbursing your team members for their subscriptions. Anytime additional licenses are purchased throughout the year, they'll be prorated to the team's annual renewal date (more on that here). The annual renewal date is based on the date the Admin's subscription was first created (i.e., the date that the Admin first purchased their own subscription). Anytime an Admin purchases additional licenses, or the team's subscription renews, the Admin receives an invoice. Whatever card is on file will be the one that's charged. The Admin can check the Team's renewal date anytime by heading into the Billing section. How to find your renewal date, here.


Team Dashboard

The Team Dashboard can be used to manage your team members quickly and easily. The Admin can purchase additional licenses, as well as assign and unassign purchased licenses to team members as needed. To access the team dashboard:

  1. Go to (Admin only)
  2. Log in with your Primary Shift Account
  3. Click Teams on the left side panel
  4. Add and remove members and purchase additional licenses as needed


Getting Started

For all the ins and outs on how to set up a new team, check out our Getting Started With Shift for Teams article.


What's Next?

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