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How to find your subscription renewal date

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Wondering how to find your renewal date or how often your subscription renews? Keep reading here.

All subscriptions to Shift are billed on an annual basis. Your subscription will renew automatically so there is no interruption of service. Your subscription renews on the card that was last saved on file.

How to find your renewal date

If you are an Advanced user or Team Admin, you can check your renewal date:

  1. Go to the online account portal and sign in with your Primary Shift Account
  2. For Advanced (individual) users, click on Subscription in the left side panel
  3. For Team Admin users, click on Teams in the left side panel

Most renewals will renew at full price. That means if you got a coupon for your first year, your second year will renew at full price instead of the discounted price you paid originally. For the latest full-price information, visit our website here.

Can I change my renewal date?

No. Once you purchase a subscription to Shift, your renewal date will be the same, year after year.


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