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Leeron and Shift: Founder, CEO, and Digital Media Expert

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We sat down with Leeron to chat about how he and his team stay organized in their day-to-day. Check out the recap of our conversation, below!


** Leeron is using the old version of Shift (v7). Check out the new version of Shift (v8), here. **

As the founder and CEO of LA Media Group (a full-service digital marketing and ad agency) and Co-Founder of Countless Creatives (digital design and video creation), Leeron leads a full in-house creative team dedicated to bringing their clients' visions to life. A videographer by trade, his passion for film has led him to an accomplished career in the digital marketing industry, working with clients across the globe. 

In his spare time (which is few and far between due to the needs of running two businesses), you can find Leeron spending time with his family and continuing to learn more about the world of filmmaking. 


The Need for Shift

Leeron's attention is often being pulled in multiple different directions at once, and his interest in Shift arose from the need to centralize his and his team's workflows. Constantly switching between web-based apps, services, platforms, as well as communicating with multiple clients at once, Leeron found it increasingly challenging to keep up with the day-to-day of running a digital marketing agency. Realizing that he needed a more efficient way to structure his workflow, Leeron became a Shift user in early 2020 and has been putting efficient workflow practices into effect ever since.

"Shift is excellent for keeping my entire workflow organized; I can jump between all my platforms and services without relying on a mess of tabs to try and find what's going on."

Getting the Most Out Of Shift

Leeron gets value out of Shift by using it as his centralized hub for all the digital tools used in his day-to-day. Each person's workflow is specific to their needs, and Leeron appreciates that Shift allows him to integrate the apps and services he's constantly switching between (if you haven't watched the video of our chat with Leeron, we highly recommend you do so as he goes in-depth via screen share on what his Shift set-up looks like). Here are a few of the tools he's added:

  • 5 email accounts (3 business, 2 personal)
  • Multiple instances of Slack (2 for his businesses, 1 for a client)
  • Messaging platforms (Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, etc...)

Ultimately, the biggest value-add for Leeron is having his entire workflow organized in an efficient manner, which gives him back invaluable time to focus on what matters: growing his businesses and serving his clients.

Shift for Teams

Leeron began to leverage Shift across his team because he saw the tool as an opportunity to encourage organization; it helps keep both internal and external correspondence completely organized. When context-switching from email marketing to Facebook, to social media platforms, to emails, all it takes is a simple icon click and you're right where you need to be. His team is no longer wasting time and resources navigating through a sea of web tabs and browser windows.

Ultimately, Leeron sees the return on investment (ROI) through the time saved and efficiency created in his team members' workflows. 

"[Shift] helps our business stay organized, internally, across all our platforms."

Looking to supercharge your digital online presence? Get in touch with Leeron and his team at LA Media Group, here.

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