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Akshay and Shift: Founder and Digital Marketing Expert

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We sat down with Akshay to chat about how he and his team stay on top of their day-to-day workflow. Check out the recap of our conversation, below!


** Akshay is using the old version of Shift (v7). Check out the new version of Shift (v9), here. **


Akshay is the founder of Mehta Media, a digital marketing agency specializing in the rapidly-advancing solar industry. Mehta Media was founded during the initial impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, back in early 2020, which sent shockwaves through industry-based businesses across the globe. As part of the younger generation, Akshay and his brother felt obligated to bring their digital advertising knowledge and expertise to these business owners, helping them establish their social media presence and recoup revenue lost through the pandemic. 

Outside of his professional day-to-day, you can find Akshay draining 3's on the basketball court, improving his 5-mile run time, and producing music. 

The Use-Case for Shift

Like many other teams, Akshay and the team at Mehta Media utilize a large number of digital tools (email accounts and applications) throughout their day-to-day. Technology is fantastic such that one can find a digital tool for anything, but this also poses a large problem; digital clutter. With so many accounts and applications, Akshay was experiencing numerous inefficiencies as he tried to context-switch through a wall of web tabs and separate browser windows. 


“[Shift] makes our lives easier when handling the day-to-day operations."


Akshay began exploring the different productivity tools available and came across Shift. After jumping on a demo call with one of Shift's Account Executives, he and his team were set up with a free trial and were instantly sold on Shift's ability to centralize their workflows.

Akshay and his team have been using Shift as their daily driver since November of 2020.

Getting the Most Out Of Shift

Akshay and his team get the most value out of Shift by being able to quickly "shift" between all their digital tools without getting lost or sidetracked. All their digital tools are organized and presented in an easy-to-manage way which solved their pain point of having to keep track of web tabs and browser windows. 

Akshay's top two favorite features include the various app integrations that Shift supports, as well as the "Workspaces" function which allows him to create groupings of apps, web tabs, and bookmarks applicable to specific clients and areas of his business (e.g. marketing, project management, web development, finance, etc...). He's added Slack, Asana, LastPass, Facebook, and 2 email accounts to his set-up.


“If you have different verticals of your business that you need to switch between, Workspaces are perfect."


Shift vs. A Regular Browser

When we asked Akshay the ever-familiar "why not just work in Chrome" question, he responded by saying that he used to be one of the nay-sayers, thinking he could just open up a Chrome browser and do the exact same thing that Shift does. After giving Shift a shot, he realized how inefficient his previous way of working actually was. For Akshay and his team, Shift removed workflow inefficiencies by enabling them to quickly 'shift' between tabs, apps, and windows; something that just is not possible in a native browser. 


“Think about how many tabs you have open; how many different browser windows you have open; how many email accounts you manage. If the number for any of those is more than 5, you should invest in Shift for your team."


Looking to up your digital advertising game and increase your online presence? Get in touch with Akshay and the Mehta Media team, here.


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