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Joe and Shift: Web Developer, Business Owner, Client Relationship Expert

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We sat down with Joe Nammour, a business owner, web developer, husband, and father of two, to discuss how he uses Shift to create organization and structure in his very busy life.


Joe’s company, JoNa Web, focuses on WordPress development, so much of his day-to-day involves building and maintaining WordPress websites for all of his clients. It’s important for Joe to be able to maximize his productivity at work so that he can make time for his other passions like riding his bike, painting, and enjoying the beautiful outdoors of his hometown in Florida! 


The need for Shift 

Joe primarily uses Shift as a means of keeping track of his various emails and apps. As a developer who balances work for his own company, JoNa Web, as well as doing contract work for a number of other agencies across the United States, the need for a new method of organizing his apps and emails became apparent.


With each company or agency that Joe develops for, a new email address might be needed. He also might need additional project management apps, such as, or Asana depending on what that company or agency uses. So imagine how many email addresses and apps someone like Joe might accumulate! This can easily become hectic and unorganized, but with Shift, Joe can have all of those emails and apps organized and separated, yet in the same place for easy access and differentiation. 


“From an efficiency standpoint, [Shift] is really really helpful” 


Discovering Shift 

Before using Shift, Joe tried to have all of his separate email addresses forwarded to a single inbox. This seemed like the best alternative at the time, but it quickly became problematic for Joe. Some emails started to get sent from the wrong address, and it was hard to stay focused on one specific task as all of his client’s emails were mixed up in one place. Joe finds so much value in being able to separate his inboxes, yet keep them under the same umbrella.


“[Shift] is really helpful for just getting everything organized. I know that people would say “well I can just do it in tabs!’" but I think that having everything ready to go when you start your day is such a time saver” 


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