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Primary Shift Account: what it is & how to change it

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This article will walk you through:

  • What a Primary Shift Account is
  • How to determine what Primary account you're signed into Shift with
  • How to change your Primary to a different email in Shift

What is a Primary Shift Account?

Your Primary Shift Account is the email that's tied to your Shift account and is the main email you used to sign into Shift. The email you first use to sign in to Shift will automatically be set as your Primary. You can use any Gmail/GSuite (hosted by Google) or 365 (hosted by Microsoft, non-exchange accounts) for your Primary.

The password you use to sign in to Shift is the same password you would use to log into your email. There is no separate password for your Shift account!

How to find out what your Primary Shift Account is

Your Primary Shift account will always have the words Primary Shift Account underneath it when you hover your mouse over it in your sidebar. Your Primary account is always the account at the top of your list:


How to change your Primary Shift Account

You can switch your Primary email via the in-app self-serve option. Please note that to use the self-serve option, you must have access to both your existing Primary email and the email you want to set it to. If you no longer have access to your existing Primary or had a recent domain or host change, you won't be able to use the self-serve option. Worry not, as our support team would be happy to help! Simply create a new support ticket. 

Follow the steps below to use the self-serve option to change your Primary:

  1. Add your new email address in Shift as a Workspace and ensure that you are fully signed in to that account

  2. Head to the Quick Settings at the top right corner, then scroll down to Advanced Settings

  3. Under the “Primary Shift Account” option, click on the “Edit” button beside your existing Primary email address

  4. Click “Set as Primary” for the Workspace to which you want to switch your Primary account

    1. You will see a confirmation message if the new email has a different provider than the old one (i.e. Gmail to Microsoft or vice-versa). Please click “Proceed and Re-Authenticate” on the reconfirmation message

    2. You will be signed out of the email temporarily. Re-authenticate your new email by signing in again. Please note that all of your account items, including the sidebar items, bookmarks, history, saved passwords, and opened web tabs, will stay intact

    3. After signing back in, you will see the new email as your Primary

Please note that changing your Primary will also set the entire Workspace as the Primary. You'll see all the apps associated with that Workspace in your sidebar. Any apps associated with your previous Primary will be intact.


What's next?

Can't access your existing Primary? Recent domain or hosting change? Read here.


Need help? Contact support!


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