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Unable to log in to emails with the Godaddy domain

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Issue Summary 📄

This article aims to shed light on the situation and provide insight into why you may be experiencing difficulties when using Shift with GoDaddy email accounts. Some Outlook/Office365 users using emails with the Godaddy domain in Shift are having an issue logging into their emails. They are running into the following error message at login:


February 17th, 2024: Investigating 👀

Our Development team is aware of the issue and is currently investigating a fix. This article will be updated as progress is made, and impacted users who reached out to Support will be notified once a fix is deployed.

April 10th, 2024: Unresolved

Some Shift users have reported encountering issues with accessing their GoDaddy email accounts within the Shift browser. Upon investigation, it has become apparent that GoDaddy is implementing heuristics checks to determine if users are accessing its email through a "supported" browser. While GoDaddy does not explicitly state which browsers are supported, its heuristics checks effectively exclude many browsers, including Shift, from accessing its services. It's important to note that Shift and other Chromium-based browsers are just as secure as mainstream browsers like Chrome, as they utilize the same underlying code for functionality.

Shift's Position:

Shift is compliant with industry standards and operates within the bounds of security protocols. The blocking of Shift by GoDaddy is similar to instances where over-eager anti-virus software falsely flags Shift as malware – an unfortunate situation that is beyond our control.

Next Steps:

While we are actively working to address this issue, we must acknowledge that the resolution may not lie solely within our hands. The heuristics employed by GoDaddy are opaque, making it challenging to pinpoint a definitive solution. We are committed to exploring all avenues to mitigate the impact on our users; however, at this time there is no resolution timeline.

User Advocacy *Updated May 7:

If you are experiencing difficulties with GoDaddy's email services in Shift, one action you can take is to reach out to GoDaddy's support team and explain the issue you are experiencing. GoDaddy will not be able to provide a resolution, but this will help GoDaddy get a better idea of the extent and impact this issue has on their customers and they may be more inclined to review Shift and add it to their supported browser list. Your feedback and advocacy could play a crucial role in raising awareness of this issue to GoDaddy and advocating for a resolution.

If you are unsure how to explain this issue to GoDaddy, we recommend something like the following: 

"I have tried to log in to my GoDaddy email using a browser called Shift; however, it does not appear to be a supported browser and will not let me log in to my account in Shift. This is having a negative impact on my workflows and I would request that Shift be considered for review as a supported browser." 

We hope that, through user advocacy, GoDaddy can get a better sense of the impact this has on their customers and take steps to ensure that GoDaddy customers can continue using Shift. 


May 7th, 2024: Unresolved

Shift Support was able to connect with GoDaddy Support to see if there's a way to get Shift added as a supported browser or speed up that process. We were advised that "Adding a new browser to the list of supported browsers requires significant testing and validation to ensure compatibility and security standards are met. As of now, Shift isn't listed as a supported browser by GoDaddy. For changes like these, they would go through a product development and review process. I recommend keeping an eye on official GoDaddy updates for any changes in supported browsers." GoDaddy Support did add a recommendation to have Shift reviewed on our behalf, however no timeline was provided. 

Next Steps:

We will continue to reach out to GoDaddy to see if we can press for Shift to be reviewed, but as per our previous update, we also recommend reaching out to GoDaddy yourself to register the issue with them. Your voice as a GoDaddy customer may go further to push toward getting Shift reviewed and added to the supported browser list. We will continue to update this article if any new information is available. But in the meantime, please keep an eye on GoDaddy's Product Updates



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