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How to download Shift for Windows

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This article outlines how to download Shift for Windows.

First, please ensure that you have a computer/laptop with Windows 10 and above operating system. Shift won't run on systems older than Windows 10. Furthermore, we recommend you have at least 8Gb or more of RAM on your computer for Shift to run smoothly. To check how much RAM you have, open the Start menu, then Settings  System About. There you’ll see a list of your computer's specs.

At this time, Shift does not support Chrome OS, tablets, mobile devices, or laptops in "tablet" mode.

How to download and install Shift on Windows

To get started, download Shift directly from our website: Download Shift

  1. Click “Download Now” to start the download
  2. Once the Shift file has been downloaded, open your downloads and double-click on that file to start the installation process
  3. Once it completes, Shift will launch automatically


What's next?

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